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Eflora 13.9% W/W Cream

Name: Eflora 13.9% W/W Cream
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
MRP: Rs. 710.00
Unit Price: Rs. 47.33
Package Price: Rs. 710.00 (Qty.: 1)
Package Form: tube
Medicine Form: GM of cream

What is Eflora?

Eflora is a depilatory skin cream. It exerts its therapeutic effect on hair roots and helps in removal of unwanted hair.

Composition of Eflora:

The active component of Eflora is Eflornithine, which acts via the medium of other neutral components of the cream (excipients). These excipients do not interfere with drug action of Eflora.

What is Eflora Used for?

Eflora cream is used to rid the body of unwanted hair. Its use may be done for cosmetic or medical purposes. Some indications of using Eflora cream are mentioned below:

Eflora may be used for purposes other than the ones mentioned above.

Side Effects of Eflora:

Eflora cream is known to cause the following side effects in some cases:

These symptoms may occur as allergic response to Eflora or due to over use of the cream. Use of Eflora must be stopped immediately if any side effects develop.

Precautions of Eflora Application:

Eflora is a depilatory cream and hence, should be used with caution. Some important restrictions associated with Eflora usage are mentioned below:

Apart from these, other precautions could also be advised to patients who are using Eflora cream. Following these precautions is the best way to avoid any harmful drug reactions.

Eflora Alternatives:

Other skin creams having drug composition and therapeutic action similar to Eflora can be used as an alternative to it:

However, it is prohibited to use any of these drugs without a dermatologist’s prescription.

Eflora FAQs:


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