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Best Pediatric Surgeons in Jaipur

Following is the list of top Pediatric Surgeons in Jaipur city.

Dr. Sunil Kaushal

Pediatric Surgeon - 26 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch (CTVS)
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

A pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Kaushal has outstanding expertise in treating heart conditions like pediatric mitral valve problems and congenital cardiac diseases in children.

Dr. Satyen K Hemrajani

Pediatric Surgeon - 19 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, DNB (Neonatalogy)
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Hemrajani is a senior pediatrician and neonatologist. He is trained in handling child disorders and surgeries from the best of medical institutes in India.

Dr. Sanjay Choudhary

Pediatric Surgeon - 18 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Pediatrics and Neonatalogy)
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Choudhary is an adept pediatrician. He has experience in handling developmental disorders, obesity, hormonal changes in adolescents, vaccination programs for babies, breathing disorders in children and infants and many more.

Dr. Devendra Sinha

Pediatric Surgeon - 41 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Pediatric Surgery)
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Sinha is an expert pediatrician with a rich experience in the field. He specializes in every procedure of pediatric surgery and provides unparalleled treatment and care.

Dr. Deepak Shivpuri

Pediatric Surgeon - 42 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), MNAMS (Pediatrics), International Medical Sciences Academic Fellowship
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Shivpuri is a renowned and highly experienced pediatric doctor in Jaipur. He routinely handles pediatric disorders as well as disorders in new-borns and infants with high efficiency.

Dr. Mohit Sharma

Pediatric Surgeon - 5 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

He is an expert and awarded pediatric cardiac surgeon and has expertise in dealing with complex cardio thoracic vascular surgeries. He is a member of a prestigious medical society and has several publications in various journals.

Dr. Atul Gupta

Pediatric Surgeon - 15 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Pediatric Surgery)
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Gupta is a reputed pediatric surgeon. He has outstanding expertise in treating urinary system disorders, cancers, gastrointestinal disorders, heart conditions and deformities in children.

Dr. Sharad Chandra

Pediatric Surgeon - 30 Yrs. Exp.
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Chandra is a highly reputed neonatalogist and pediatrician. He routinely treats children and infants suffering from measles, tinnitus, jaundice, whooping cough and other infectious diseases.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma

Pediatric Surgeon - 45 Yrs. Exp.
MBBS, MS (General Surgery) M.Ch (Pediatric Surgery) MNAMS
Hospital(s): Fortis Escorts Hospital (Jaipur)

Dr. Sharma is a pediatric surgeon. He has over 4 decades of practice experience. Apart from pediatric surgeries he also has been trained to treat neurological disorders in children. Discount Offers

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